FREE SIEMonster Community Edition. 

You will need a minimum of 32GB RAM and 8 VCPU’s of power. Don’t come at me with issues if you haven’t got the basics, it’s embarrassing.

Here’s how to join the Community

1.  Fill out the form with legit answers (trust us we are hackers)

2.  Receive an email invite to join our Community (this is why you need a real email)

3.  Join the Community portal and from there download v.4 Fully Loaded

4.  Use the portal to find admin guides, videos and chat with other users

This Community Edition is Fully Loaded with all the features we have in other editions, it is scaled down to run on fewer resources so it’s easier to try.

Therefore it is not upgradable or scalable (all our other editions run a K8 stack, whereas community is docker).  Community edition will monitor up to 100 endpoints at 5,000 EPS as it’s designed to give you a taste and allow you to play with the product for as long as you like.

When you’re ready to get serious, let us know, and we’ll help you with our other editions.